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Robert Frricker is an exceptional branch manager working with our brokerage, dedicated to assisting individuals and families in achieving their financial goals. With a genuine desire to help others, Robert goes above and beyond to provide personalized guidance and support throughout the loan application process. His primary role is to connect clients with suitable loan products that match their specific needs and financial circumstances. With his extensive knowledge of the lending industry and strong attention to detail, Robert ensures that clients receive expert advice, enabling them to make informed decisions and secure the best possible loan terms.

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Home is where life happens, and it’s for this very reason that homes occupy such a significant role in our lives. For over 20 years, Waterstone Mortgage has been partnering with families across the nation. Aiding them in realizing their dreams of homeownership. As time has passed, our goal has remained the same, unwavering in its commitment, and thus, we continue to commemorate the joy of homeownership each and every day.

Our employees believe that mortgage lending isn’t just an occupation, it’s a way to celebrate homeownership every day. Providing families with a sense of emotional and financial stability.

We’re proud to play an important role in helping families across the nation achieve their version of the American dream. We plan to continue developing products and technology that will help create the most transparent, streamlined, and positive mortgage experience.

At Waterstone Mortgage, we are committed to helping as many people as possible achieve their dream of homeownership. We make it a priority to guide and educate our customers every step of the way. We’ll be here, working hard, finding the best mortgage solutions, and helping families come home.

Robert Fricker 



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Backed by the assets of our parent company, WaterStone Bank, we offer secure, stable lending solutions for our homebuyers.
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