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Keith Slater

Keith Slater

As a lifelong resident of the area, Keith has seen his share of cycles in the local Real Estate Market. Before focusing on his real estate career, he was an owner in the mortgage and title industry. As an owner and developer Keith also developed both residential and commercial properties. In 2014, he shifted his focus to a full-time career as a real estate agent. In 2018, Keith earned his Real Estate Broker License. Most importantly in 2019, Keith and his wife Tina, both entrepreneurs at heart, opened their own Real Estate Brokerage. Their ideas and real estate strategies that go far beyond the norm. However, it made the brokerage a great success and is an asset to their clients and the community.

Keith has created wealth for many investors and homeowners at all levels. With his portfolio of expertise, buyers and sellers seek out his perspective and broad knowledge of the marketplace for guidance, and he delivers. His accomplishments are impressive and has earned him respect from his clients and fellow real estate brokers and agents. Thanks to his calm demeanor and relaxed confidence, his clients find the whole experience rewarding from start to finish. He is direct, honest, and able to expertly maneuver through the twists and turns of residential, investment, and commercial real estate transactions without ever missing a beat.



Tina Slater

Tina Slater

Tina loves everything about Florida and Real Estate.

She earned her Real Estate License in 1993, after studying International Business and Marketing in college. Her passion for travel took over and she joined the corporate world. Tina’s remarkable journey through various pivotal positions showcases her exceptional talents and versatile capabilities. She played a pivotal role in the recruitment process of pilots for cargo missions during Desert Storm. In this crucial capacity, she demonstrated her adeptness at identifying top-tier aviation professionals, ensuring that the missions were carried out with precision and efficiency. She even published a community magazine! Resulting in her becoming an industry expert in the print and digital advertising space and marketing world.

Tina collected many awards of achievement along the way and her direction was sought after by colleagues and clients. She successfully negotiated hundreds of contracts on her company’s behalf. Her specialty goes beyond her wealth of knowledge in the advertising and marketing space. She understands people from all over the country and internationally. She studies the real estate industry daily and is dedicated to educating herself and her clients on the latest market trends and activity.

Tina joined her husband, Keith, in 2016 and they opened their own Real Estate Brokerage on St. Pete Beach in 2020. Keith & Tina Slater have represented hundreds of clients and created an innovative business model for Coastal Home Advisors Real Estate. Clients appreciate their honesty, direct approach, and passion for real estate.


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